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Games Your Kid Can Play In The Bounce Houses

Bouncy castles are a fun and easy way to keep the kids entertained during different types of events like birthday parties, community events, fundraisers etc. By choosing to rent these castles, you can be assured that your kid will spend all day bouncing, jumping, and playing with their friends. So, if you are planning to rent bouncy castle Kitchener for your kid, you must like to offer
him/her loads of laughter and great fun. So, here are the games that your kid can enjoy in the bounce houses.



This game played in the inflatable bounce house is perfect for tiring out the kids. So, here the kids can jump as high as they like when the music plays and therefore they can try to stop bouncing when the music stops. And the kids, who are incapable of keeping themselves steady, then they would be out of the game.

Obstacle Course:

The parts of the bounce house or the bouncy castle like pillars and other elements can be used as obstacles. So, it can be a fun competition for the kids. Besides, there can be some adults, who work as captains to make the game even more structured.

Sumo Wrestling:

This is another game that you can let your kids enjoy in the bounce house Waterloo. The fundamental aspect of this game is to hold the ground when the opponent will try to take the person down. And this can be great fun as the feet of the kids will wobble from the bouncy and soft platform.

Tag: This bouncy castle game comes with a bouncy twist. Here the players can try to jump away so that they don’t get tagged. This game is so exciting that even elderly people can take part in it.

Dodgeball: This is another fun game that the kids can play in the bounce houses. Dodgeball is a fun game itself, but when it is played in bounce houses, the kids can leap further and jump higher. And the best part of this game is here the kids can’t land steadily. Besides, any movement from other kids will influence the movements.