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Safety rules are important to ensure that children have an exciting time without any form of harm to themselves or to other children. The safety rules also provide guidelines on the best use of the equipment.

Our safety rules are available below:

  • The entrance of the bouncy castles are not for play or bouncing.
  • Consumption of food and drink is not allowed in the bouncy castles
  • Infants and pregnant women are not allowed to use the bouncy castles
  • Participants are required to remove sharp objects and other materials such as jewellery, footwear, eyeglasses before using the equipment.
  • Children who play in the bouncy castles should be of the same size
  • During any occurrence of high wind, participants are required to unload from the bouncy castle, while the equipment should be deflated if wind speed exceeds 15 mph because it is possible for the inflatable to flip over during high wind
  • The spikes and sandbags used to anchor the bouncy castles should not be removed at any given time.
  • The supervision of an adult is required in the use of the bouncy castles; this ensures that every child abides by the safety requirements put in place.
  • Rough play is not permitted in the bouncy castles, as well as other similar activities such as jumping on other people, throwing another person, performing backflips and other exercises that are likely to hurt other people or damage the bouncy castles.
  • All participants need to be evacuated if the bouncy castles deflate by itself. The power connection should be checked in such situation, alongside the firm attachment of circuit breakers. If the cause of the deflation is not rectified, it is necessary to get in contact with us immediately.
  • Those who are susceptible to injuries from bouncing and falls are required to avoid the use of the bouncy castles, as well as those with health concerns such as neck, head and back injuries. Those who went through a recent surgery operation are also required to avoid the bouncy castles.
  • The blowers that are connected to the inflatables should only be operated by adults only, children should stay away from the blowers, as any wrong operation would cause the bouncy castle to deflate.
  • The wall of the bouncer should not be climbed by any child, as such practice can lead to injury after falling over the bounce castle wall.
  • The recommended weight for the bouncy castle should be adhered to; extra weight could damage the bouncy castles.


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